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No trip to Thailand’s islands is complete without experiencing the Full Moon Party on Koh Samui’s neighboring island of Koh Phangan. Find out more information below including dates of upcoming parties, how to get there and back and staying safe while you are there.

Where and When is the Full Moon Party?

The full moon party is on Haad Rin beach on the very northeast corner of Koh Phangan Island. Obviously, the parties are usually at times of full moon, however dates are sometimes moves by a day or two if the full moon is on a public holiday. Check out the confirmed dates of full moon parties coming up in the near future by following the link.

Getting to the Full Moon Party from Koh Samui

Speed boats from Bangrak leave every 15 minutes or so to Haad Rin beach from 6pm until 7am. Return tickets are 1,000 THB or VIP tickets are 1,400 THB. VIP tickets mean you don’t have to queue, but when it gets very busy usually you have to queue no-matter what kind of ticket you have.

Contact Jen to organize your tickets and we can include free transfer by minibus (from northeast of island) to the speedboat pier. For transfers from further away, please ask!

Staying Safe at the Full Moon Party

The vast majority of people going to the full moon party have no problem at all however there are some simple rules you can follow to stay safe

– Stay together with your friends
– Take as little money as possible and do not take valuables with you
– Do not fall asleep on public areas of the beach, there are secure designated sleep areas if required. I fyou fall asleep on the public area of the beach you may wake up with all your money, valuables and even shoes gone!
– When buying “buckets” of drinks, make sure bottles are securely sealed
– Keep an eye on your drinks and do not accept drinks from strangers
– Do not argue or fight with locals
– Watching fire shows on the beach is great fun, but best not to join in jumping over fire ropes or through fire hoops – it probably won’t end well

Stay safe and have a great time!

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